In case you missed it… here’s Gary Chalk as an Irish Optimus Primal for St. Patrick’s Day

We’ve just rounded the corner heading into the second half of a still-pretty mad March. Somehow, many us have managed to get into the spirit(s) of St. Patrick’s Day, even in a year (twice, now, eh?) when we should be packing the pubs less and staying in more.
On a related note, here’s a festive bit of fun (courtesy of Candice Santora on Youtube, and #PrimalParodies) from Gary Chalk, who’s always good for a bit of mischief — especially for the 25th anniversary of Beast Wars, and for St. Patrick’s Day!

Kiss the boss monkey, he’s Irish! Hope you had a fun (and safe, ahem) St. Patrick’s Day. See you on the Allspark Facebook Page, on the Allspark Forums, or on our Discord server!