IDW Transformers: Beast Wars #2 Full Preview

The Beast Wars are far from over! Thanks to our friends at IDW, we have the full preview for IDW Publishing’s Transformers: Beast Wars #2. Transformers: Beast Wars #2 is due for release on Wednesday, March 3, 2021.

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Transformers: Beast Wars #2
Written by Erick; Art by Josh Burcham; Covers by Josh Burcham, Dan Schoening, Winston Chan

Celebrating 25 years of Beast Wars! The Maximals, led by Optimus Primal, and the Predacons, led by Megatron, have crashed on a strange new world and they are not alone. To survive the planet, much less each other, they’ll have to explore their surroundings and their new bestial alt-modes in search of an advantage. The Beast Wars begin here!