Hasbro Pulse listing more Partner Exclusives: Galactic Odyssey Micromasters, GI Joe, R.E.D, Power Rangers, and more

Hasbro’s Hasbro Pulse online storefront has recently started offering certain quantities of partner exclusives, which were formerly only obtainable through retail partners like Walmart and Amazon.
Of late, they’ve added another batch of exclusives, including the Robot Enhanced Design figures for TF: Prime Arcee and Beast Wars Cheetor (Walmart exclusive), the GI Joe Retro Hiss Tank, and the “Retro-Morphin” Power Rangers vintage auto-morphin figures (Walmart exclusive).
Notable is the newly-listed Galactic Odyssey Micromaster 6-pack, which joins the earlier-listed Galactic Odyssey “Dominus Criminal Pursuit” pack as one of the few Amazon exclusives to be made available in this section.

These join earlier listings, such as for the third War for Cybertron spoiler pack, the Vintage Beast Wars reissues, and the upcoming Netflix “War for Cybertron Trilogy” Voyager packs.
Check out the listings for Partner Exclusives here.
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