Hasbro issues statement in solidarity with the Asian community

Recent events have raised the sadly familiar specter of racism and discrimination, and we’re reminded of how much more there is out there to deal with, and how much we still need to grow as a society.
These are difficult times, and the handling of such concerns as the COVID-19 pandemic has complicated the already-fraught matter of prevalent discrimination.
Hasbro has most recently taken to social media to respond to these social issues. Via the Transformers Facebook page, Hasbro issued this statement:
“We stand together with the Asian community and condemn racism in all forms. We are committed to change through action, including listening, learning, contributing to Stop AAPI Hate and partnering with Design for Change. #StopAsianHate  “

Stop AAPI Hate is a reporting center for anti-Asian hate incidents aggravated by COVID-19. We document these incidents and support advocacy for the Asian community. Founded by A3PCON, Chinese For Affirmative Action, & SFSU Asian American Studies Dept.

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