Transformers Studio Series Voyagers Wreck-Gar, Sweep & Thrust – New Product Numbers

JTPrime17 has shared some new retailer product listings from what is said to be Transformers Voyager class Studio Series 86 Wreck-gar and Sweep as well as Bumblebee Movie Thrust. It is expected (of Course) that Sweep will be some kind of remake of SS86 Scourge and Thrust a remake of the SS72 Starscream mold. Read on to see the listings with product numbers and be sure to discuss this news in our Forum Thread!

Tra Gen Studio series 86 voyager Wreck-Gar
Product number: F0792
Tra Gen studio series 86 voyager Sweep
Product number:F0793
Tra Gen studio series Tf6 voyager Thrust
Product number: F0791
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