Preorders open for Flame Toys Kuro Kara Kuri Shattered Glass Optimus Prime!

Via Facebook and Twitter, Flame Toys has put up a cool poster and set of pictures to announce the opening of preorders for an upcoming release: Shattered Glass Optimus Prime!

This $400 release is a new entry into their high-end Kuro Kara Kuri line, and comes with a light-up gimmick, and a great assortment of weapons and accessories, including many alternate hands, a giant sword, an axe, and movie-style arm blades!
Official information from Flame Toys about this upcoming release:
Price : US$400
Size : ~21cm height. 5 LED units packed in the body.
Material : ABS, PVC, PA, POM, Diecast
Sale : June, 2021
Bonus Part : Turbo Jet Axe + Turbo Jet Axe holding hands.

Special bonus parts can be had if you preorder from, the official shop SEN-TI-DEN or a Flame Toys event!
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