Hasbro.com catalog for Botbots series 6!

The last year was an odd one for Botbots, with series 5 showing up in US stores just weeks before officially being announced alongside series 6 at Toy Fair 2020 — RIGHT before the subline seemed to get caught in limbo for the rest of the year (alongside, well, us).
But there are signs of life, as Hasbro.com has a catalog for Series 6! This is the first time we’re finding out the full details about the series since it was first announced almost a full year ago.
It’s a redeco-heavy batch showcasing molds from the first five waves of the toyline, alongside a handful of all-new additions. Returning tribes the Toilet Troop, Cardio Clique, Magic Tricksters, Playroom Posse, Frequent Flyers, and Hibotchi Heats are joined by new tribes of Botbots: the Caffeine Collective, Play Plexers, Gifted Guild, and the pet-shop bots of the Pet Mob!
What’s more, the Goldrush Games are still definitely on, with a whole new set of golden Winner’s Circle Botbots!

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