Kingdom Deluxes Wave 1 In-Stock At BBTS

Site Sponsor BBTS has the New Kingdom Wave 1 Deluxes In-Stock over on their site! Get your Wave 1 Deluxe figure while you can by clicking this link!

Wave 1 consists of the following:

  • Core – Rattrap
  • Core – Optimus Prime
  • Core – Vertebreak
  • Deluxe – Blackarachnia
  • Deluxe – Cheetor
  • Deluxe – Warpath
  • Deluxe – Paleotrex
  • Voyager – Optimus Primal
  • Voyager – Cyclonus
  • Leader – Beast Wars Megatron
  • Leader – Optimus Prime (Earthrise Repack)

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