Amazon Exclusive Galactic Odyssey Collection Botropolis Rescue Mission Revealed

The fifth and final Galactic Odyssey Collection set has been revealed! This time it’s a six pack including four Micromasters and two Modulators! We have full stock images and pre-order information after the break.

From Amazon’s product description:

As the Autobots and Decepticons speed through space during the events of Earthrise, special side missions take some of their members off course. Their duties lead them to unfamiliar planets where they encounter epic adventures and unknown dangers. Now fans can come along for the journey and explore the Transformers universe through the Galactic Odyssey Collection. Sky Lynx is in trouble. Overair, Ironworks, and members of the Astro Squad are tasked with the mission to find and rescue him. They encounter a roving comet called Botropolis,. They set up base on the traveling city and use it to search the universe for signs of Sky Lynx. Set up base for the Sky Lynx rescue mission with this Botropolis Rescue pack! Fans can convert Overair and Ironworks into their Modular Battle Station modes and connect them together to form a large base of operations. Astro Squad figures are to scale with the modular Battle Stations and are able to ride the tracks. Overair, Ironworks and the Astro Squad are redeco’d to match the color scheme of WFC-E24 Sky Lynx (sold separately, subject to availability). Once rescued, he can be attached to form an even larger Modular Battle Station! This pack is the fifth and final of 5 in the Galactic Odyssey Collection, available exclusively on Amazon. Collect all 5 to discover all 5 planets and top secret side missions! (Each sold separately. Subject to availability).

Like the rest of the Galactic Odyssey Collection this set is an Amazon exclusive. Price is $59.99 and the set is expected to ship February 15, 2021. If you too would like to rescue Sky Lynx you can pre-order your set here.
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