Tons Of Reveals In Today’s Hasbro Pulse Fan First Friday Stream!

Not just limited to Studio Series, we had 18 reveals this morning! Read on to check out all the reveals from this morning’s Fan First stream!

This morning, Hasbro Pulse revealed 18 figures on their YouTube livestream!
First off, we have the studio series figures based off of the 1986 animated film Transformers the movie! All of these figures will be in wave 1. Hotrod, while a voyager, is only slightly taller than Jazz, but includes a lot of extras including his wielder. Kup is a deluxe that comes apart at the arms and legs like he did in TFTM, and his arms and legs are 5mm ports. Kup’s background is the battle with the squid from the classic scene in the 1986 film. The next deluxe in wave 1 is Blurr with his weilder, and his background is defending Autobot city from TFTM. Next is Scourge! He is voyager size and he is large enough to stand next to TR Galvatron. He has the pink figures and can show his head in Hovercraft mode. His background is the iconic Reformatting scene from TFTM. Finally, we have Grimlock! Grimlock is renders only as they are still tweaking the toy. Its a Voyager with action figure Wheelie with slingshot. Take a look at the pics below of all the Studio Series figures!

Next is a bit of a surprise as a retro Headmaster line is coming to Walmart! They have very G1 packaging with what looks like newer versions of the Titans Return figures with a new heads. Check them out below!

Up next is a Amazon exclusive encounter of 6 Micromasters that you will need to complete the sets!

Then we get to two Target exclusives! Both of these are long awaited to complete the sets! Runabout and Thrust!

Finally we get a Bayverse Devastator Studio Series boxset!

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