Studio Series ‘86 Scourge In-Hand Review And Pics By PrimeVsPrime!

YouTube reviewer PrimeVsPrime brings us another Studio Series 1986 Transformers The Movie figure review. This time, he’s taking a look at the leader of Galvatrons huntsmen, Scourge!

This new Voyager sized Scourge aims to, like Studio Series Hot Rod, Kup and War for Cybertron Kingdoms Cyclonus, the most movie faithful rendition of the Decepticon commander of the Sweeps yet. He also shows of an interesting cross-pollination between the Studio Series and the War for Cybertron lines, since Scourge is clearly packed with Weaponizer compatible ports. For now, Scourge has no official release date but, based on the review above and the images below, he’s definitely going to be a figure worth waiting for.

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Credit: Allsparker Mx-01 Archon.