New Transformers Product Reveal Coming Friday October 30th – UPDATE: Reveal Pushed Back to November 5th

Allspark User TriBlurr has alerted us that there will be a new figure reveal from Australia on Friday October 30th! The figure is said to not be an exclusive and will be available at all stores with an April 2021 release date. PreOrders for this figure will go live on Thursday October 29th 9pm EST. Read the full details below courtesy of OzFormers! Don’t forget to join the discussion on our Forums or on our Discord server!
Update: The toy reveal has been pushed back to November 5th.

New Transformers toy reveal Friday October 30th.
If everything goes according to plan, Australia will be revealing a new Transformers toy on Friday, that won’t be released until April 2021.
This was originally planned to be done at the Sydney Hasbro office in July as a fan-meet reveal, but Covid prevented that… and then it was moved to October (with a different toy), and once again Covid made it too risky to have it held in their offices… so we might be having the reveal done in Brisbane on that day instead, if the toy sample arrives in time… posted on this facebook page to keep to Hasbro’s exact timetable.
This is a huge responsibility for us, and we will be respecting the conditions and rules set out by Hasbro (America and Australia) for trusting us with this… as such, no details or hints will be given out before the reveal.
The Reveal here on this Ozformers fb page – Friday October 30th at 11am Sydney/Melbourne (10am Brisbane).
(that should be 8pm Thursday 29th in New York timezone/EDT)
Preorders Go Live in the rest of the world an hour later:
– Friday October 30th Noon Sydney (EADT)
– Thursday October 29th 9pm US (New York timezone)
– Friday October 30th 9am Asia (Hong Kong timezone)
The product will be available in stores 1st of April 2021. (in all retailers – it is NOT a store exclusive)
This reveal still won’t be a fan-meet format (it might get some negative publicity from other parts of the country & world if we have a group of people in close proximity, even if it is allowed in Brisbane)… instead, a number of fans will be able to come around on the weekend (not at a set time or all at once) to explore the toy at their leisure. Those people will be one of the first fans in the world to play with it, 5-6 months before it gets released, and post up their own opinions and photos/videos on their websites and socials in the days after the official reveal… but details on that will be posted up on or before Friday (if the toy arrives).
If the toy sample does NOT show up, or something else unforeseen happens, the new toy will still be revealed that day by Hasbro America and the various online stores that will be allowed to list their pre-orders that day.

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