WFC-E25 Earthrise Titan Class Scorponok Gallery and Review!

Exploiting the poor and oppressing the weak in the Allspark Studio today is part time city, part time warlord, Decepticon Scorponok!  Will he succeed in forming a Cybertronian oligarchy on your shelf that will spread despair and isolation, or will he settle down and set up a commune for the good of all?  Tune in after the break to find out!

Scorponok has been one of the most anticipated Titans on my list since we got Metroplex!   He is another one of those figures I could only dream about as a kid, and I never tried to get a vintage one off of eBay because,…prices.  When they announced we would finally be getting to the giant scorpion himself, I knew I would have rearrange my already full shelves to make room for this menace of a figure.

Scorpion Mode
This mode takes up a lot of shelf real estate, but it is definitely impressive for display!  The arms and claws have plenty of range to grab other figures and can even rotate up into the air for some good tearing action.  The head looks reasonably insectoid, and is more than a little creepy, especially with the red eyes floating above the orange mandibles.  The scorpion legs are just for show, and cannot really support the weight of the body, but that was probably not a priority on anyone’s posing list anyhow.  The cannons on the shoulders and the tail provide additional heat to an already dangerous looking var mode.

There is not much to complain about on scorpion mode.  The only minor issue is that the legs come attached in pairs at the torso of the figure, which limits the poseability to a small degree.  Due to the individual joints at the next part of the legs, it’s still possible to get them into to some creepy walking stances, so like I said, it’s not a huge problem.

Base Mode
The base mode takes this figure another step forward on the greatness scale.  It is not so much a city as it is a Decepticon throne room and command center, which is pretty amazing.  The arms of the figure form columns that frame the shield as the center of the action, with the ramp leading up to where the Decepticon leaders would rule.  There are not a lot of offensive weapons in this mode if you use the official configuration, with the giant cannons pointing straight up into the air.  There are some good ramps and platforms on the legs, however, which allow for small figures to be posed in battle and defense and really helps to bring out the “city component” aspect of this mode.

The only negative in this mode are the ratchet joints in the hips and knees.  I found them a bit difficult to get placed exactly even.  Now, I will fully admit I am a bit OCD when it comes to straight lines and flat surfaces, so maybe this is not a problem for everyone.  I had to work with the legs a little to get them evenly flat on both sides, and that was a little frustrating.

Robot Mode
WOW!  The proportions on this figure alone make it my favorite Titan to date!  From the athletic build, to the box-like shape of many of the component parts, Scorponok is a satisfyingly G1 robot in all the right ways.  His articulation is exactly what you would expect for a figure in the current line, especially for one of this size, and you can get him into almost any battle pose you can imagine.  The balance on this figure is amazing as well, especially when you consider the size and design of the feet not appearing to be great for stabilization.  In Scorponok you get a fun, powerful looking Decepticon in some beautiful colors that looks like he is ready to stomp the rest of your collection into dust.  Inner 7-year-old me is squealing with joy.

There is one small detracting point on this figure, and again, I really mean small.  The arms are set on joints that angle roughly 10-15 degrees above horizontal.  I assume this will not bother you, thus I will categorize it as a small problem.  Knowing that it affects the overall range and fluidity of motion for the figure, it bothers me, just like shoulders that won’t peg, heads with little articulation, and perma-curl forearms.  Well, it was impossible to expect this guy to be perfect, so almost perfect will have to suffice.

Lord Zarak Headmaster Unit
The Lord Zarak Headmaster unit forms the head for Scorponok.  The horned/crowned head mode is much more compact and royal looking in comparison to Fort Max’s more “warrior in a helmet” look.

The connectors for Zarak and Cerebros are the same, but due to some plastic that forms a faux neck on the face side of Fort Max’s head, you cannot securely place Cerebros in head mode on Scorponok’s shoulders, though Zarak works perfectly fine on top of FortMax.

Transformation is simple enough, and robot mode really hits a lot of the cartoon notes on style and appearance, apart from the antennae, which technically can be stored on the back for a more cartoon faithful look.  Articulation in this mode is great, even if the shoulder pads hinder the arms a bit.  If you have the Titans Return Titanmaster Scorponok, you can also use that head on the Lord Zarak body.  Maybe it’s another character now?  Use your imagination.

Lord Zarak Titanmaster
The Lord Zarak Titanmaster forms a cartoon faithful Zarak head.  The Titanmaster itself is distinct from earlier figures of that class size due to the design of the arms.

The Titanmaster robot arms are much thinner from the “elbow” down, making them easier to grasp and pose.  It is a huge improvement that I hope we will see if we get more Titanmasters in the future.  Hasbro/TakaraTomy do still need to make the Headmaster Juniors…

Overall Score
WFC-E25 Scorpnok gets a 9.999999/10 Nebulons for a design that is a perfect homage to the cartoon and toy of the past, a look that does not compromise poseability for heft, and 3 modes that have very little negatives to consider!  You need to add Scorponok to your collection, or that of a younger fan in your family, as soon as you possibly can.  He is sure to be a hit and you do not want to miss out!
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