“Transformers Prime” anniversary War Breakdown and Vehicon set?

From a post by Eric John Cruz of the Cybertron Philippines Facebook group, we have a surprising new product reveal — what seems to be a Transformers Prime anniversary pack.
Not much is known about this set, but the packaging follows the style of Generations Selects with monochrome printing on a brown box; however, in a departure from Selects, the design on the front has what seems to be the exterior of Autobot Outpost Omega One (or one of the many cliffs from the series) rendered in monochrome blue.
Also, and more intriguingly, the seal on the box is in black with the Transformers Prime logo — and indicates that the box contains “War Breakdown Vehicon”. However, the label also says “Deluxe Class” and “includes figure, accessories”…

Interesting developments for sure, and we’re watching to see what else might come to light about this set — or maybe other anniversary releases?
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