Generations Selects WFC-GS19 Rotorstorm Gallery!

Ruthless and without fear in the Allspark Studio today is the only airborne Turbomaster, Rotorstorm!  Will he get into his enemy’s mind and beat them at their own game, or will he simply invite them to a game of cyber-checkers?  Tune in after the break to find out!

Rotorstorm is a Generations Selects repaint of WFC-S48 Siege Spinister.  Other than a remolded head and some paint and plastic colors, nothing else has changed for this mold.  According to the TFWiki, the head is based on his IDW appearance.

This version of the toy has better tolerances than those on my Spinister, especially the little tab on the helicopter tail that is supposed to hold the rotor blades in place on his back in robot mode.

The only thing it needs to really pop would be some toy inspired turbine engines/blasters.  Fortunately, add-on kit designer Shockwave Labs has a set that will do just that.  SL-83 can be pre-ordered in a number of places,  so make your purchase now if you also love this look.  Personally, I am going to get a set and paint them blue…

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