Generation Selects Volcanicus TakaraTomy Mall Exclusive Set Revealed

TakaraTomy has revealed their previously teased upcoming Generation Selects release, a set of cartoon accurate re-decos of the PotP Dinobots with new accessories for their Volcanicus combined mode!
This set is exclusive to TakaraTomy Mall and will cost 22,000 JPY (about $207 USD) with a pre-order period from Sept. 9th to Oct. 6th. The set is due for release in late February 2021. TakaraTomy Mall has also uploaded two manga chapters detailing the story of this new set and, as usual, contains some deep continuity cuts and surprise appearances by quite a few characters. The Manga chapter PDFs can be downloaded here and here.
No word yet on whether this will also be available via Hasbro Pulse like past TakaraTomy Generation Selects, but you can check out the images of the new Volcanicus set below!

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