Cyberverse Action Master Arcee Gallery and Review!

Mercilessly misleading the Decepticons in the Allspark Studio today is the Autobot Warrior, Arcee!  Will she prove her deadly efficiency in battle while protecting her Earth allies, or will she spend her time posting pictures of zoo animals to her galactic Instagram?  Tune in after the break to find out!

I did not start watching Cyberverse until Season 2 had finished.  I think my hesitancy was that it looked a little too childish for my tastes, and I was OK with that, since we need kids to love the line if it is going to stay alive.  What drew me in was seeing images of Arcee, Hotrod, Grimlock, and various other characters, like Cheetor.  I was curious and put it on in the background while working on photography, which eventually turned into to more watching the show than taking pictures, and then I was hooked.

The show is quick, fun, and has enjoyable takes on some of the most famous Transformers legacy characters.  It is an epic romp through almost everything Transformers in a way that pays homage to the past while not being hindered by it, giving us a “new” Arcee that is both a great warrior and full of life.  After watching her through several episodes I had hoped to get a good toy representation, but Cyberverse had mostly been a gimmick heavy, kid-centric line.  While that is great for what it does for the franchise, it had not produced very many figures geared closer to what older fans trend towards…like articulation.  Cue the Maccadam Build a Figure line of Action Masters, and now we have a series of Cyberverse figures where poseability is king. Long may he reign.

Vehicle Mode
Arcee’s vehicle mode is that of a Cybetronian race car.  She is futuristic, a little boxy, and definitely looks like a car from another planet.  Arcee sports a clear windshield, which I think people tend to like, but I am not a fan of it here for the fact that you can see her body tucked up into the car shell.  Personally, I believe she would have looked way better with an opaque blue in the same color as her headlights.  Her wheels are solid pink with blue painted highlights and her blaster forms part of the front bumper.  Overall, a good looking var mode.

Getting Arcee transformed perfectly is a bit of a pain.  Due to the bulk of the body folded into the shell, I sometimes have issues getting the wheels to make full contact with the surface beneath her.  Her doors also sometimes come slightly unpegged while trying to align all the parts.  It’s mildly annoying, but with a little fiddling, her parts eventually set correctly.

Robot Mode
Arcee’s robot mode is full of personality.  She is not pink and white, but two shades of pink, and her details pop between the few molded lines and the contrast of the pinks, gray, blue and the purple in her face.  Arcee has a slight expression of happiness on her, which is much better than the typical neutral or dull surprise look she tends to sport.

Also good is that while Arcee clearly has feminine characteristics, they are not overdone for the sake of her being female.  She has a heroic feminine build, with a slightly athletic look, and this complements her in action poses.  Surprisingly, Arcee balances well in various poses in spite of the backpack where she carries the majority of her var mode shell.  Overall, I would say this is one of the best G1 Arcee figures to date, stylized look or no.  The only complaint I have is not really with her, but the line itself.  As you can seen in the gallery, she is a little tall compared to Megatron, whom we would expect to be significantly taller than her.  It’s a minor issue.

Final Thoughts
I give Cyberverse Action Master Arcee 8.5/10 Allspark Energy Emitter Badges!  She is a good-looking figure in both modes, but the transformation is likely to be troublesome for younger fans, and the issues with panel alignment and wheel clearance lower her to what would have been a 9.5/10.  If you are a fan of the show and plan to build Maccadam, or you have a younger fan that loves the Cyberverse show, be on the lookout for Arcee to complete your set!

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