WFC-GS11 Generations Selects Exhaust Gallery and Review!

Converting his body into living smoke in the Allspark Studio today is industrial spy, Exhaust!  Will he steal all the best secrets on your Transformers shelf, or will he spend his money and time focusing on ny-contine gum for his cy-garette habit?  Tune in after the break to find out!

Being that Exhaust is based on a Diaclone variant of the figure that would become Wheeljack, it is perfect that Generations Selects gave us this update.  The retooled head and modified retro deco really make this piece stand out as being significantly distinct from Wheeljack.

Even better, they gave Exhaust the new logo for the Mercenary faction.  This puts him in the same group as Soundblaster, and expands that faction further.  Seems like now would be a perfect time for a new Generations Lockdown to round out the group, no?

With this mold sharing everything but the deco and head with Wheeljack, read here for a full review of the figure upon which Exhaust was based.  For this post, I just want to highlight two things:  the color of the plastic and the difficulty I have had transforming the head.

So, I will start with what I hope is just an issue of QC.  The head on my Exhaust requires special care to flip between modes.  I hate to modify my figures, but I may have to sand the friction bump down a bit to ensure that the head does not one day break off the post.  For now, I use the tip of a pen to pop it in and out of place.

To end this post with a positive, I will focus on my hope in the form of the color of his plastic. I hope we see the same bone white plastic on Wheeljack one day.  Earthrise Wheeljack is a dingy, almost green tinted off-white.  A far cry from the colors on the G1 mold.  Exhaust has the perfect color of plastic based on his G1 deco, and I really, really hope that one day we get Wheeljack done in super-slavish G1, bone white.

Final Thoughts
Exhaust gets 99/100 smuggled Energon cubes!  He is everything I love about the Wheeljack mode and more.  Not even some spotty QC on the head/neck joint can make me less enthusiastic about this wonderful figure.  Make sure you don’t miss out!

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