WFC E-21 Earthrise Decepticon Snapdragon Gallery!

Wading up to his neck in grease in the Allspark Studio today is Earthrise Decepticon Snapdragon!  Will he spend the weekend being difficult to motivate or will he finally get out and cut the cyberlawn so that Krunk will stop nagging?  Tune in after the break to find out!

I’m going to keep this short again.  I really want to love this figure more than I do.  It has a sleek jet design that I have always loved.  The dinosaur mode looks cool and super retro.  The robot mode takes the original toy’s look and makes it more like the cartoon.  Overall, it’s not a bad figure.

There are a few things that detract from my overall enjoyment, however:

  • the cockpit for Krunk is way too difficult to open…I fear it may break one day
  • getting Krunk to fit in the dinosaur head was a little scary as well…just too tight
  • the arm articulation is limited in some poses due to the jet kibble

That does not mean this is a bad figure.  Far from it, I have not been able to get him off my desk since I found him at Target last week.  The tolerance issues on the first two points from above worry me, because I do not want another broken figure in my collection.  Additionally, limited articulation seems like something we should not have to experience anymore, but that is probably because I have become spoiled over the last few lines.

Due to the 3 bullets already mentioned, Snapdragon gets 7/10 robo-theropods!  He may not be perfect, but as a triple-changing Headmaster from a period in the line we have not seen as much over the life of the property, how can you not find some love for this figure?  The young-lings might need you to help transform him, but they will love him too.  Snapdragon is not yet saturated in the market, so keep your eyes peeled and hunt this dragon down!
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