War For Cybertron Kingdom Rumor Round Up!

We have a slew of new rumors for the upcoming Transformer line, Kingdom. Read on for a compiled list!

Thanks to Allspark Forum Member Triblur, we have a compiled list of all of the rumors and secret inside sources of the next Transformers line.

War for Cybertron Part 3: Kingdom
G1 cast meets Beast Wars cast via time travel.
Line is split 40/60 between beast era and g1 cast
Battlemasters and Micromasters are gone. Replaced with new legends sized Core class
New play feature: Fossilizers.  Skeletal dinosaurs that come apart to form armor and weapons.  Next evolution of weaponizers/modulators system
Core class 6 figures
G1 Optimus,
G1 Megatron,
+2 Fossilizers
1 Unkown
Deluxe class 16 figures
G1 Warpath,
G1 Slammer
+ 3 Fossilizers
9 unknown
Voyager class 7 figures
Optimus Primal
G1 Inferno
G1 Cyclonus
*Listing for Optimus Prime but might be mislabeled Primal
Leader Class 2 figures
Beast Wars Megatron,
 G1 Galvatron
Unconfirmed Size class
G1 Rodimus Prime
Commander and Titan class
Both Unknown. Not BW Characters
Titan has a robot mode. Described as a bit gangly.  Has smaller transforming companion figure.  Companion is something that did not transform before.  Current theories: Metroplex 2.0 or a transforming Ark.
Unconfirmed rumor: Titan companion is former action master character
Rodimus’ size class said to be controversial.  Theory is he is the commander class.  Will be based more on the original toy than the 86 movie design.
Additional Info
Beast wars characters supposedly missing from the main line: Inferno and Terrorsaur  and one more
Fossilizers described as realistic bone look. Skeletal design. Very reminiscent of Kenner’s Bone Age toyline.  Can form armor and weapons like lances and axes.  One has part that looks like Primals’ old mace weapon.
Galvatron has multiple variations planned.
May be some Earthrise figures repacked to refresh them for the new line.
Slammer listed as Slammer (partial), theory is that he is Warpath retool
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