“War for Cybertron: Kingdom” Rattrap leaked and reviewed!

Rumors have swirled furiously for weeks, and now it seems like concrete proof is starting to make its way out.
In the midst of trickling product from Earthrise and Selects, toy reviewer Tonton has posted a stop-motion quick look at the first beast from Kingdom to find his way out ahead of schedule: “Core” figure Rattrap!
…It’s not what we expected from “Beast Wars and time travel”, but we’ll take it! Happy year of the metal rat, eh?

What’s more, Tonton has followed this up with a review! We’ve included a few stills to whet your appetite, including comparison shots next to Generations Rattrap and Siege Netflix Bumblebee.

“Give it up for the rat”, indeed. Let us know what you think of the reappearance of everyone’s favorite vermin on the Allspark Facebook Page, on the Allspark Forums, or on our Discord server!