Transformers Selects G2 Sandstorm Incoming?

An image has surfaced in the HK-TF Facebook group that appears to be an upcoming redeco of Earthrise Ramjet as the unreleased G2 Seeker Sandstorm! Is this an upcoming Selects release or Photoshop trickery?
At this point G2 Sandstorm’s release is unconfirmed, but this image certainly appears as if it could be legitimate. Time will tell if this release is confirmed in an upcoming Tuesday reveal from Hasbro.

Update We now have an even better image all but confirming this is a legitimate release.

For reference, the artwork of the unreleased G2 Decepticon Sandstorm from the Vault artbook courtesy of TFwiki:

Thanks goes to our resident Seeker aficionado Powered Convoy for bringing the news to our attention.
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