Super XP Five Star Event This Weekend For Earth Wars And So Much More!

This weekend’s is a Super XP Five star alliance event where you can win shards, battle boosts, and spark! We also get the next two C.O.M.B.A.T. bots, more items in the Shanix store, and our first look at the next Bot coming to the game! Read on for all the details!

This event, called Stitches and Steel, will be a 1 million point Alliance event where you can also win tons of shards, battle boosts, and spark! Check out the info below for more details!

Check out our newest C.O.M.B.A.T. Bots coming to the game this week!

We also will have some new items to spend that shanix on!

And finally, check out the newest mercenary bot coming to the game soon!

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