Spoiler Review Of Netflix War For Cybertron Siege Episode 6 And Series Overview

We conclude our spoiler filled look into the latest Transformers series on Netflix, with our review of episode 6 of War for Cybertron Siege.  Read on for spoilers!


So we begin our final episode with Bumblebee, Cog, and Arcee, in a stand off at Soundblaster’s energon vault. Bumblebee tries to negotiate a way out, but the virus hits the base providing a distraction. Our Autobots use this to their advantage and make it out of the vault.

Just as they are blasting their way out though, Bumblebee is hit with the virus as well. He passes out in the escape vehicle as Arcee rams their way out of the base.

Back in the sea of rust, the sparkless zombies are surrounding our heroes. Prowl’s blaster shots only seem to slow them down. The squad is horribly spread out and the one armed Moonracer is killed by having her limbs ripped off.

Suddenly the Allspark glows, and Prowl and Jetfire clear a path for Optimus to reach it. When he does the sparkless zombies turn to dust.

Back at the space bridge, our team there is fighting off a massive aerial attack from the seekers. Impactor actually managed to rally the Autobots to hold the line.

Meanwhile, Arcee has got her crew and the energon back at the Ark. They still don’t know what happened to Bumblebee, and Arcee is shocked to find the Ark’s cloak down.

Outside the Ark, Megatron himself leads the forces to attack the now revealed starship.

Elita One finally manages to contact Optimus Prime and tell them not to come to the Ark, as it is under siege. Optimus tells her to launch the ship and he will meet them at the space bridge. Jetfire and Prowl split off to go help at the Ark while Optimus and Hound head to the space bridge.

Bumblebee finally wakes up and realizes that the Alpha Trion protocols are gone from his mind. Red Alert explains the virus to him, and hands him a blaster. This is the point where Bumblebee fully joins the cause, as he blasts a reflector coming up the ramp.

Just then the named Seekers show up right at the entrance ramp the the Ark, and start killing nameless Autobots fighting in a crater outside the ship. This is quickly interrupted by Jetfire showing up and slicing a rainmaker in an X fashion, causing the seeker to explode. Jetfire and Starscream square off as we jump over to Megatron choke slamming a Cog recolor bot.

Soundwave informs Megatron that Optimus Prime is heading to the space bridge, and Megatron, believing that removing the Allspark from Cybertron would kill them all, sends the Seekers to destroy the space bridge while he and Barricade intercept Optimus Prime.

At this point it is all a mad dash. The Autobots finally push the Decepticons out of the ship with help from Elita One and Ironhide. Optimus and Hound hide from the seekers near the space bridge, but run headlong into Megatron and his ground forces.

We have another philosophical debate between the two leaders, and we learn more of the backstory. These Cybertronians, like in the G1 cartoon series, did have oppressors. Most likely since we have Quintesson toys in Earthrise, they will probably turn out to be them.  Prime says that Megatron could have been their greatest leader if not for his lust for power and revenge. Megatron orders his troops to kill Optimus.

Jetfire shows up and blasts the Decepticon forces with a missile barrage, and tackles Megatron. This allows Optimus a chance to make a run for the space bridge. This time, he is in alt mode though, and not actually running.

Back at the Ark, Wheeljack gets Teletran 1 online as well as the rest of the Ark. The ships weapon systems open fire and obliterates all the Decepticons still attacking it before it takes off towards the space bridge.

Optimus has finally reached the space bridge, and after slicing up two seekers, he starts running to the massive structure. The Ark arrives to find the space bridge not active, so Elita One leads a team to help out the defenders. Optimus orders Ratchet to open the space bridge, and while Ratchet does this, he is once again saved from seeker laser fire by Impactor jumping in front of the medic, taking the mortal injuries himself.

While Optimus starts playing a live action version of Donkey Kong, climbing the outside of the structure, Impactor lays dying in Ratchet’s arms. His final words were thanking Ratchet for showing him the light.

Meanwhile, Elita One’s strike team engages the Decepticons shooting at Optimus Prime, but Megatron still manages to reach Optimus. Despite how one sided their fight in episode 1 was, this battle is more skewed toward’s Optimus. He defeats Megatron, but the Decepticons on the ground shoot him and Optimus drops the Allspark.

Megatron commits the sin of monologging instead of just winning, allowing Bumblebee to shoot him in the back. This doesn’t hurt Megatron, but distracts him long enough for Optimus to surprise attack him and then toss the Allspark through the massive space bridge portal in the sky.

Megatron is furious about this and orders the Decepticons to wipe out the Autobots.  A large squad of reflectors runs towards Elita One’s squad, but suddenly are stopped when a giant claw hand comes out of the ground. Omega Supreme has come to turn the tide! Knocking Megatron off of the side of the Space bridge, Omega Supreme then effortlessly destroys an entire squad of reflectors with a single blast.

Megatron confronts the Guardian, accusing the guardians of choosing a side. To which Omega Supreme says that his actions are his own, and that for the good of Cybertron, Megatron must be stopped.  He then crashes his giant claw hand down sending Megatron sprawling away.  Omega Supreme then takes on the entire Decepticon force while the Autobots load up in the Ark. Red Alert is hit by a blast from Skytread and falls off the Ark’s ramp.

Optimus orders the others inside so he can go get Red Alert, but Elita One tells him that she isn’t leaving Cybertron. That someone has to stay and protect what is left of their home.

Optimus orders a very somber Ironhide to take the Ark through the portal.

After they go inside the portal, the entire space bridge explodes, making everyone think that they died in the attempt.  Even Elita One thinks that they are dead. Her, Chromia, Red Alert, and Jetfire go forth to avenge all the Autobots that died on the Ark.

However, we know as the audience that they survived. Cut to the Ark floating in deep space with no lights on inside, when Teletran 1 suddenly comes to life and starts broadcasting a proximity alert for an unknown ship! Who is on this ship? Find out next time on Transformers War for Cybertron: Earthrise!
So I had some problems with this episode. One, Optimus suddenly has the plot strength to overcome Megatron. Megatron easily wiped the floor with him in episode 1, but now suddenly Optimus can easily beat him. It is just a huge inconsistency.  Speaking of inconsistent. Cog, was able to survive a huge hole in his midsection, yet Moonracer died when she lost her limbs to the sparkless zombies.  My only other complaint here is that Astrotrain shows up in the siege of the Ark. Yet, he is portrayed as this huge robot, towering over his fellow Decepticons, slow walking towards the Ark. It is a bit odd to see, and a bit of a waste. It almost feels like they had to include him since he was a leader class toy.

Also, did we really need another finale with a giant portal in the sky?
That being said, I love the exposition on the Cybertronian history we got here. Also, Jetfire continues to be an awesome warrior, and have some amazing battles. They did miss a chance in the final scene on Cybertron to show him changing his faction symbol though. Impactor, I feel had a much better redemption arc than Jetfire, and his death scene in this episode was epic. Omega Supreme, coming out of nowhere and fighting off the Decepticon horde was great. Although his voice acting wasn’t really that great.
For the series over all, I feel that the story was better than what I thought the first time I watched it through, but it is hurt by some poor voice acting, direction, and production. Elita One is constantly yelling, even when the scene doesn’t call for it. it makes her into a very unlikable character. When she leaves  Optimus at the end of the last episode, I feel relieved for Prime, not saddened.
The budget limitations and six episode runtime also hurt the series. With Megatron and Jetfire being prime (no pun intended) examples of characters with arcs that really needed more time to build up and flesh out. Megatron turns from driven revolutionary with noble ideals, slowly succumbing to his lust for power and becoming a genocidal tyrant. It all happens far too fast. As is Jetfire going from loyal and honorable (if ruthless) Decepticon to realizing that his chosen side will never be as honorable as he is. The rivalry between him and Starscream would have benefited from some backstory too. As we’re coming in at the end with no real context about how they got to this point. At some points, it feels more like Jetfire is bullying Starscream.
The backstory between Megatron, Magnus, Prime and Alpha Trion. Not to mention the tantalizing hints about Tar Hauser Gate, needed to be seen in flashback, not simply info dumped. Show, don’t tell.
On the budget side, the sheer amount of Seeker, Reflector, Sideswipe and Cog background character recolors was unfortunate. I’m glad they got to show of some pretty impressive scenes like Jetfire aerial dogfight with the Seekers. Or Jetfire and the Autobots in the Sea of Rust. However, you can almost feel the series straining at the limits of what they can afford. It has grand moments, but you can tell even they wanted them to be grander still. As for the series music, I enjoyed it. It’s not referencing any previous TF music and, while some might call it a little generic. I feel it works well. The electronic orchestral score is somehow very fitting for a metal planet full of fighting robots.
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