Spoiler Review Of Netflix War For Cybertron Siege Episode 4

We continue our spoiler filled look into the latest Transformers series on Netflix, with our review of episode 4 of War for Cybertron Siege.  Read on for spoilers!


So we start off the episode with Ultra Magnus in shock chains marching along with the Decepticons behind him. Each step a pain for him, as he still hasn’t recovered from Shockwave’s torture. He stops in front of the memorial of Tarn Hauser Gate. Megatron remarks that more Cybertronians fell here than any other conflict in recorded history.

They continue onward toward the large Pyramid, where Alpha Trion memorial is, in the center of the battlefield memorial, as Ultra Magnus expositions some history for us. Alpha Trion sparked a revolution that Megatron corrupted for his own purposes. He tells Megatron that both Optimus and Ultra Magnus learned from Alpha Trion’s wisdom, and it was a pity that Megatron did not. When they reach Alpha Trion’s memorial, Megatron asks Ultra Magnus how it feels to betray the Autobots, and commands him to open the tomb.

Just like on Easter Sunday, the tomb was empty. Megatron then confronts Ultra Magnus, saying that he will unite Cybertron. To which Magnus Utters his final, yet prophetic  words,  “You will never win this war.” Megatron retorts this by shooting him at contact range right in the chest. Afterward, Megatron, can’t even bring himself to look at Ultra Magnus’ body, telling Jetfire that Ultra Magnus refused to give up the Autobots location and had betrayed him.

Suddenly though, Ultra Magnus dead eyes glow green, and particles fly out and away from his body, confounding the Decepticons.

Meanwhile, Bumblebee is leaving Soundblaster’s base, after just selling the refined energon he found at the end of episode 2. Tossing the Shanix coins in his hand, he is suddenly struck by the particles that left Ultra Magnus’ body!
Back at the Ark, Optimus Prime can sense the Alpha Trion protocols have left Ultra Magnus. Elita One comforts Optimus as he morns his fallen brother.

Back at the Tarn Hauser gate, Megatron orders Soundwave to find out what it was that left Ultra Magnus’ body. Starscream and the Seekers show up, to which Jetfire nervously says, “You’re supposed to be on on patrol.” And Starscream retorts, “And you’re supposed to be a Decepticon!” as he blasts Jetfire. Megatron draw his fusion cannon on Starscream, but Starscream reveals that Jetfire betrayed him, and killed Skywarp. (I should note that Skywarp color seekers have died numerous times at this point). Megatron asks Jetfire why he would do that, to which he replies that Megatron’s genocide of the Autobots is not what they were fighting for.

Megatron orders Jetfire’s execution, but Jetfire launches some missiles out of his back and takes off in the confusion with the Seekers right on his six. There is an awesome moment where Jetfire transforms in to robot mode and lands on Hotlink before cutting him in half. Jetfire then is pursued by the other four named seekers, and they eventually score a hit and Jetfire crashes into the city.

Back on the Ark, Impactor gets to see the carnage of all the dead and dying Autobots in the medbay. This enlightens him to the horror of Megatron’s war. Ratchet gives some encouragement to Red Alert, as he knows that today’s causalities will test him.

Meanwhile, Bumblebee wakes up with a major hang over, his eyes glowing green like Ultra Magnus’ did. He starts seeing Cybertron almost like Neo sees the world in the matrix, and Bumblebee wonders why he used the word “Trion”.

Optimus is rallying the Autobots and manages to convince Ratchet to help them fix the space bridge. Elita One voices her concerns of what happens to Cybertron when they remove the Allspark. Prime puts her in charge of fixing the Ark, while he goes off to speak with the guardians.

Meanwhile our Autobot squad has arrived at the Space bridge, but they only have a small time window between the seeker patrols. Sideswipe and Impactor get into it, but Mirage gets between them and tells them that they will just have to find a way to get the job done.

Optimus Arrives to talk to the Guardians, to inform them of Ultra Mangus’ murder. He asks them about the Alpha Trion protocols.

They inform him that they didn’t receive the protocols. And turn down his request to join the fight between Cybertronian factions. Optimus questions what good are they, if they aren’t going to protect Cybertron from Megatron’s plan to reformat the Autobots. He vows to protect Cybertron without them, saying till all are one.

Meanwhile, tensions are high at the space bridge, as they rush to repair it. The seekers return early, and Impactor knocks Ratchet out of their fire, and Chromia snipes all three of them. Ratchet starts repairing Impactor. Unsure of how to say thank you, Ratchet asks him, “How many times do I have to patch you up?”

Back at Decepticon headquarters, Starscream and his seekers are reporting that they killed Jetfire when they shot him out of the sky. Megatron promotes Starscream to leader of the seekers, much to the shock and disgust of the other Decepticons.

Meanwhile, Optimus is back at the Ark, but his own low morale has him questioning the entire war. Elita One and Wheeljack try to reassure him, but they are interrupted when Bumblebee comes into the room, asking who is Alpha Trion. Optimus tells Bumblebee that thousands of years of knowledge and history have been passed to him.

They go to a private room where Optimus tells him that Alpha Trion could tell him why he was chosen for this. Bumblebee then goes inside his own mind and enters a weird 80s style dreamworld where he meets a simulation of Alpha Trion. He tells them that the knowledge is there to protect the Autobots in times of great trials. Alpha Trion originally designed the system to be held by two Autobots, Ultra Magnus would have the benefits of his wisdom, while Optimus would have the matrix of Leadership. Bumblebee now knows where to find the Allspark, but before he can share that the Ark’s alarm goes off.

Jetfire flies in towards the Ark, but is too damaged to make it there, and crashes. He transforms and walks up to the Autobots outside the Ark, saying, “I am not here to fight, I am here to join you.”
And that is how the episode ends. I think my major complaint here is that Jetfire’s moral turn just doesn’t work. I don’t feel that it was earned, since he was such a bully in the first episode. Its almost like they were going to for a Beast Wars Dinobot angle where he joined the other side after being kicked out of the other faction. However, it just doesn’t work. Impactor has a much better arc than Jetfire does, and I feel that the show didn’t do Jetfire justice.
I will give the show props for the dialog between Impactor the rest of the squad, as well as the awesome scene at Tarn Hauser gate. Jetfire has a really awesome kill of Hotlink, as well. The show is definitely improving, with only a few weird moments form the voice actors.
Stay tuned for our upcoming spoiler review of Episode 5!
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