Spoiler Review Of Netflix War For Cybertron Siege Episode 3

Continuing on, here comes our spoiler filled look in Netflix’s War for Cybertron Siege. Read on for Episode 3!

Episode 3 begins with Ratchet who, interestingly, is not with the Autobots, searching the wreckage of last episode’s battle, while Megatron once again uses a televised speech to inform everybody that the Autobots have mercilessly struck down the ‘Loyal Decepticon Patriot’ Impactor. A claim that is quickly proven false, when Ratchet finds the heavily damaged, yet still living warrior. Megatron then ends his speech with a plea for every Autobot to find the nearest ‘Surrender Station’ and turn themselves in.

Next, the scene shifts between the Autobots discussing how to prevent Megatron from gaining the Allspark, while Starscream whines to the other Seekers about Megatron’s plan to reformat the Autobots.

While Prime suggests that they might have to somehow get the Allspark of Cybertron completely, Elita One states vehemently that they simply don’t have the Energon to launch the Ark and that, according to legend, removing the Allspark could kill the planet. Wheeljack finally gets to reveal his discovery of a Space Bridge. Though he’ll need Ratchet’s help to fix it. Thus, over Elita’s objections and comments about this being an ‘act of desperation’, Prime is adamant that they must try.

Starscream complains that Megatron has gone ‘soft’ and will ‘dilute’ the honorable Decepticons. Jetfire tries to (and fails) shut him up, further cementing their mutual antagonism. It’s not until Megatron actually turns up that Starscream (naturally) quickly changes his tune and departs to go hunting. Following, there is a brief exchange between Megs and Jetfire about Starscream’s usefulness as a weapon or, in Jetfire’s opinion, a tool.

The Autobots try to sneak into Decepticon territory in search of Ratchet, as Mirage attempts to fool Spinister and Skytread by using his holo powers to pass as a Decepticon, until the two start gloating about their ‘kill count’ and he sees the bodies of murdered Autobots on spikes, causing his hologram disguise to fail.

The following battle is pretty impressive, as it showcases Mirage creating multiple copies of himself, using them to trick and defeat the ‘Cons. it really plays up the holo powers Mirage is known for in an interesting way.

Following the fight, it is here that we learn that Ratchet used to be a famed engineer and weaponsmith, until he became disillusioned by the war and his part in it. Now he travels the planet as an independent medic, treating any bot that needs repair, regardless of faction. There’s also a small reference to Caminus as well. This is, like many characters in Siege so far, a very different Ratchet than we’ve seen before. He has no faith in or loyalty to Prime. He is cynical and angry. Trying to do some good in a dark world.

The following scenes within Ratchet’s impromptu infirmary provide some more backstory as Impactor and Mirage nearly come to blows as Impactor rails against the elitist attitudes of Autobots like Mirage. “Sipping Energon behind your gilded walls,” while those predetermined to mine and labor suffered for a millennia. Reinforcing the fact that Cybertron had a very fixed caste system until Alpha Trion’s revolution. Had the show been given more time, this could have provided further flashbacks to flesh out the class divide.

Eventually, Prime manages to convince Ratchet to help repair the space bridge, after revealing that Megatron is searching for the Allspark and intends to weaponize it. Over the objections of both Mirage and Elita, Impactor volunteers to accompany Ratchet, stating that he fights to protect all Cybertronians, regardless of allegiance or faction. Another small tidbit of clever writing, is that when sees Impactor helping an injured Autobot, Ratchet comments that in his infirmary, everybody helps.

Meanwhile, Shockwave presses Megatron to allow him the use of more ‘unorthodox methods’ to extract the information they want from Ultra Magnus. It is during this and the subsequent torture sessions with Magnus, that Megatron is shown to still be conflicted and hesitant about using more brutal methods to get what he wants. Although each time he is, the Decepticon leader eventually gives in to his desire for quick results and allows it.

It is also here that we see a few more signs that despite Jetfire’s sometimes ruthless behavior, he is going in the opposite direction and getting more conflicted about the level of cruelty Megatron is allowing. Such as when Magnus manages to break out of his confinement for a moment and threatens Megatron with a blaster. Only for Megatron to call the Autobots bluff by refusing to face him, knowing that Magnus  ‘has too much honor to shoot someone in the back’. Then warns Jetfire to ‘always take the shot’. Jetfire reply is less certain.

Eventually, Shockwave’s interrogations cause enough damage to Magnus that the Autobot seemingly gives into Megatron and will tell him where to find the Autobots.

As the Autobots head out to the Space Bridge, Elita insists that Impactor remove and deactivate his Comm unit. An act Ratchet considers barbaric, although its not entirely clear why. Impactor acquiesces however and chucks it away. Unfortunately, Jetfire and Skywarp pick up on the units deactivation and this leads them straight to Autobot Command. Skywarp is eager to call in their find and start eliminating the Autobots, yet Jetfire wants to offer the option of surrender first. When Skywarp refuses, Jetfire takes Megatron’s advice and attempts to shoot Skywarp in the back. Gravely injured, Skywarp calls him a traitor and departs, leaving a conflicted Jetfire behind.

The episode ends as it began, with Megatron giving a grand speech. Only this time it is a rallying cry to his Decepticons. One where Megatron reveals that the Autobots seek to destroy the Allspark and thus the very heart if Cybertron. He commands them to find the Allspark first, so that they might use its power to reform their enemies and end the war!

And as Skywarp crash-lands in front of Starscream, with only enough life left to reveal Jetfire’s treachery, Megatron raises his fist to the sky and calls out four words:
Til All Are One!

Overall, this was a good episode. It shows a lot of interesting plot progression and plenty of backstory, although it suffers from the same inconsistencies as the previous two. Megatron’s character continues to flip-flop between the revolutionary mecha-Spartacus and the ruthless tyrant. Though its clear this won’t last much longer. While on the other hand, Jetfire’s slow turn to the Autobots continues, despite his open contempt for Starscream making this turn seem a little awkward. Both are character arcs that deserved more time than show can provide.
The reveal of Ratchet being a former engineer-turned-soldier turned disillusioned medic is an interesting one, as it seems to take elements from both Transformers Animated and Prime Ratchet, while going one step further with the war weary veteran.  Unfortunately, fit falls a little flat since he is one more angry, cynical critic of Prime to add to the list. On top of the neutral Bumblebees resentment, Elita’s continued criticism of every decision or suggestion Prime makes and… most of Primes troops. Ratchet doesn’t stand out as much as he could have.

One problem that the argument between Impactor and Mirage highlights is that a lot of the voices in this series are unfortunately coming across as samey. Which slightly undercuts scenes like Impactor’s rant about the entitled upper class looking down on laborers like him. G1 Mirage had a very cultured, posh voice to go along with his high-class upbringing. Whereas Shawn Hawkins performance as Siege Mirage , while still good, doesn’t sound all that much different from Brook Chalmers Impactor. I can definitely say that Brook Chalmers performance does fit the character of the tough-as-nails warrior Impaxtor.
Stay tuned for our spoiler review Episode 4!
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