Spoiler Review Of Netflix War For Cybertron Siege Episode 2

We continue our spoiler filled look into the latest Transformers series on Netflix, with our review of episode 2 of War for Cybertron Siege.  Read on for spoilers!


So we pick up where we left off. The cons are at their rally, and Megatron, on his throne, is ordering the seekers to search everywhere for the Autobots. Skywarp interrupts and informs him that they have a visitor. Ultra Magnus, from off screen, tosses a seeker into the crowd around Megatron. He then starts slow walking towards them, causing all the seekers to draw their weapons on him. Megatron, being the only non-idiot recognizes Ultra Magnus and orders them to fire on his order only. Jetfire thinking that his must be a trap has a horrible line of “That is as far as you”, but Ultra Magnus keeps walking. Starscream runs in front of Jetfire, yelling at the cloaked figure to reveal himself. Jetfire, not missing an opportunity to bully Starscream grabs him and tells him to get back. Megatron tells them both to shut it and get back, as Ultra Magnus reaches the bottom of the stairs in front of Megatron’s throne.

Ultra Magnus then spread his hand wide open, and stands there unflinching as Barricade runs up and shoots at him, missing his head by inches. Megatron, annoyed, gets up knocks barricade down reminding him to fire on his order. He then turns to Ultra Magnus and asks why he would be so fool hardy to come there. To which Ultra Magnus removes his hood and says, “I prefer to think of it as hopeful.” He then surrenders.

We then cut to them sitting at a conference table, Ultra Magnus asks Megatron if he remembers the battle at Tarn Hauser gate. Where they had each saved each other’s life, and then went on to win the battle because they had each other’s back. Megatron isn’t letting Nostalgia sway him though. He tries to get Ultra Magnus to convince Prime to accept the treaty, to which Ultra Magnus wants to arrange a sit down meeting with the three of them like the old days. Megatron then asks Ultra Magnus to order the Autobots to stand down, when he says that he can’t make them do what they don’t feel is right, Megatron tells him then he is just as responsible as Prime is for their deaths. Ultra Magnus and Megatron really do come off as old friends here, and Ultra Magnus is tired of the endless war, and says that there will be no one left to win this war. Megatron then gets up and tells them to take his brother to one of the finest cells.

Now we jump back to the ark we Optimus is holding a staff meeting to inform everyone of Ultra Magnus surrendering. The Autobots, far from being demoralized by this, are just as dedicated to the cause, but worried that Ultra Magnus might give their position away. Optimus reassures them that Ultra Magnus would never betray them. He then promotes Elita One to take Ultra Magnus’ place.

Now back to the Decepticon war room, where Shockwave informs Megatron that they can find the long lost Allspark and use it to reformat the Autobots into loyal Decepticons in an instant. Over hearing this from his cell, Ultra Magnus uses a secret frequency to call Optimus to warn him. Jetfire considers this a victory without honor and objects to the plan, and Megatron tells Shockwave that he needs time to consider it. Meanwhile, the Autobots hear this message and Optimus freaks out! The other Autobots don’t believe that the Allspark exists anymore and are worried that its a trap.

Wheeljack starts to configure the Ark’s sensors to look for the Allspark, and the Autobots divide up into teams to search for it.

However, back at the Decepticon base, Soundwave informs Megatron of Ultra Magnus’ transmission. I should note here that Soundwave’s voice is horrible. Its flanged like the G1 voice, but it lacks the deep voice as well as being a bit harder to hear than the G1 version. Back to the story, an angry Megatron decides to use this to his advantage and send the Autobots a fake message to lure them into a trap.

Then we have a private conversation between Optimus and Elita One. Elita One disagrees with Optimus’ plan, but Optimus convinces her that it has to be done and that this life isn’t what he had planned for them, but it is a life worth fighting for. At that moment the fake Ultra Magnus message comes in, with coordinates for the Allspark. Megatron orders Soundwave to take his troops and destroy them. He then walks down to Ultra Magnus, who pleads with him to end this peacefully. Megatron tells him that he lost to right to work with him when he sent the transmission, and that they hacked his comm frequency. He then tells Magnus that he should have worked with him, as now he couldn’t help how much they are about to suffer. Megatron and Ultra Magnus really do have a great conversation in this scene, and I have to give it its due.

Cut to Optimus and the Autobots reaching the coordinates in Iacon, also known as Ambushville. Elita One is not being fooled by this, and tries to warn him of the dangers with Ultra Magnus in the hands of the Decepticons. There is a really neat roll call scene with the Decepticons, giving us the first time we have ever heard some of these characters speak. Cog and his team find a building with a cube of highly concentrated energon.

They tell Optimus who tries to warn them, but not before Impactor springs the trap by shooting a hole straight through the middle of Cog. Chromia and two Cog recolors pull Cog back to safety while Sideswipe and Hound try to help out but are cut off by Ravage, reflector, and barricade. Hound tosses a grenade at the group, scattering them. Optimus wraps up Impactor in his own cable, and knocks him down. Optimus is saved from reflectors by Elita One and a Red Cog, who that transforms into shoulder weapons for Sideswipe, sending a large barrage at some nearby Decepticons. Chromia shoots down hotlink, but is taken down by Barricade, who is about to shoot her in the face, until Hound rolls in and slams his rear end into him. After a quick fist fight with Skytread, Optimus shoots down a Seeker that crashes into a building, which then falls on top of Impactor and three reflectors. Elita One signals the retreat, and they flee back to base.

They return with Cog, still alive despite missing a huge chunk of his midsection. They rush him into the repair bay, and tell Wheeljack that the Allspark wasn’t there, and they didn’t even get the energon cube. Optimus tells Wheeljack to search for the Allspark, and despite Wheleljack’s warning that the energy drain would affect their ability to stay cloaked, he tells him to search anyway. Elita One vehemently disagrees, but Optimus disregards her concerns.

Back at the battlefield, Skytread and Ravage report to Barricade that all they could find of Impactor was his hand. The Decepticons then look for the Energon cube, but can’t find it. Megatron isn’t happy about this, but Shockwave assures then that the Autobots didn’t get it. Cut to Bumblebee holding the Energon cube.

Megatron, Jetfire, and Shockwave go to Ultra Magnus’ cell, where here refuses to give up the location Autobot base. Megatron punches him through the cell, and tells Shockwave to proceed with hims plan to reformat the Autobots. Ultra Magnus asks him “and what of honor?” to which he replies, “Honor will not win this war. Eliminating the Autobots from existence will.”
This episode feels a lot more polished than the first one. There is more of the back story referenced here, and that really would have made a great flashback, like the Battle of Tarn Hauser Gate. The ambush and subsequent fight scene are great, and the dialog between Ultra Magnus and Megatron is top notch. My major complaints about this episode is Soundwave’s voice and the Decepticons being fooled by Ultra Magnus disguise. The disguise is so ridiculous, as only his face and head are covered by it. Ultra Magnus, as the second in command of their enemies, should be well know.  Soundwave’s voice is another example of why they should have hired union voice actors so they could get Frank Welker to reprise his iconic voice. Honestly, every fandub with Soundwave I have ever heard sounds better than this. Given how good of a job that Edward Bosco does for Ultra Magnus, I am surprised how this voice turned out.
No real plot complaints or any clumsy segues, as this really is a tight episode. I personally enjoyed seeing Megatron’s base including a war room, prison, throne, and conference room. Take a look at some of his “art”:

Stay tuned for our upcoming spoiler review of Episode 3!
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