Jada Toys G1 3 Pack Pre-Order and Official Images

Jada Toys have put up an Amazon listing for their upcoming 3 pack of die cast vehicles based on G1 Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, and Starscream. Via this listing we have official images and product information, including when we can expect this set to ship. Read on.


“Robots in disguise. Bring the action home with your favorite Auto-Bots and Decepticons in a collectible die-cast three pack with Nano Hollywood Rides from Jada Toys. Each Nano scale die-cast Transformers G1 collectible vehicle features a die-cast body, working wheels and styling cues directly from the series. These beautifully sculpted collectibles are approximately 1.65 inches long and a must have in any Transformers collection! Collect them all today!”

The current price is $7.99 with free shipping for all three, and the expected ship date is August 5. You can place your pre-order for the set here.
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