WFC Earthrise Commander Class E24-Sky Lynx Gallery!

Blasting into the Allspark Studio today at a maximum speed of 30,000 mph is the Autobot so humble he invented the word, Sky Lynx!  Will he blast the Decepticons on your shelf with his mouth mounted acetylene blaster, or will he separate into his two components and make s’mores?  Tune in after the break to find out!

Sky Lynx was one of those toys that seemed like a legend when I was a kid.  I didn’t know anyone that had him (I think) and he just looked enormous in the toy catalogues, so I really, really wanted him.  Sadly, that never happened for 10 year-old Jason, but 32 year-old Jason did get one eventually.

Cut to 2020, and I did not think it was possible to improve on the play value of this design, but that is just what Hasbro and Takara did.  The WFC Earthrise version of Sky Lynx is the best Sky Lynx to date.  Not only do both modes pose well and have solid joints, the combined mode is amazing, and the added base mode will give you even more structures for your Autobot City!

This is one of those figures that you buy the moment you see it.  Adult collectors will love the retro design, new fans will love the added play value from the WFC ecosystem!  He is hitting Target stores as of the writing of this article and should be showing up at online retailers any day now as well!  Pick yours up before he blasts off the shelves forever!
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