Transformers Fan First Friday Breakdown And Screencaps!

Well, we just had our second Fan First Friday event for Transformers! Read on for the video and some screencaps!

For those who want to watch the video, check it out Here!
If you just want to see the new Transformers, then check out our screenshot gallery!


Here is a general summary of the event:
It started off discussing Rotorstorm, and after all the fan discussion and emails, he will have the correct head! They then showed the Top Gun Maverick crossover figure complete with Volleyball, and debuted a new Siege T shirt. Afterward, they showed off the next wave of Walmart exclusive Netflix line of toys which included the following:
Elita 1, who is based off of the Arcee Mold
Red alert
Bumblebee in earth mode as his classic Volkswagen mode with no battle damage.
Each deluxe figure in this line has a part of a Teletran 1 diorama, like a build a figure for background artwork. After that, they showed off the two new Voyager sized figures for the line, which were Optimus Prime and Soundwave! Optimus comes with two battlemasters that form his iconic golden orange axe and an golden orange shield. Soudwave will be in earth mode with no battle damage, and will come with both Ravage and Laserbeak. Finally they showed off a new Leader class spoiler figure. This figure, however, isn’t even named. It will come with a battlemaster and few surprises. They all go up pre-order today on
Then they showed off the next three Generations selects figures, which we already knew about, Exhaust, Greasepit, and we get our first look at Hubcap!
After that they showed off the two new Amazon 2 packs that leaked last night. Earthrise  Autobot Alliance and Earthrise Seeker Elite! These figures are not only great in their own right, but the box art on their packaging forms up to make a awesome battle scene! They go up for pre-order today!

Amazon Exclusives:
Seeker Elite 2-Pack:
Autobot Alliance 2-Pack:

Finally, they showed off the Hasbro Pulse exclusive set the Pit of Judgement! While we have seen this set in high detail already this week, we do get an awesome look at the artwork on the back of the packaging! This set comes out this September!