Target Exclusive WFC-E29 Skywarp and Thundercracker Gallery!

Contemptuously sneaking into the Allspark Studio today is the not so dynamic duo of Thundercracker and Skywarp!  Will they play pranks on the Autobots in your collection, or will they just stand there, giving them the stinkeye?  Tune in after the break and find out!

This is a set I have wanted to complete since we got our first glimpse of Earthrise Starscream.  Once you get the Cybertronian Prince of Traitors, you have to complete the trio, and Hasbro and Takara did not let us down!

Should you still not have any copy of this mold and you are curious about how it works, check out our previous gallery and review of Earthrise Starscream here!

And now, enjoy the rest of the pictures in our gallery!
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