Spoiler Free Review Of Netflix War For Cybertron Siege

For those of you on the fence, or haven’t watched it yet, we have our spoiler free review! Read on for it!

So, the first thing I want you to know is that Siege is a much better series than the last three that we got for the last trilogy from Machinima. Granted, that is a low bar to clear, and it only just does that in some places. The series is set on Cybertron, featuring a cast of war weary characters, and it’s backstory is more interesting to me than the story it tells. This series destined to be a middle of the road series for most people. The animation models looks great for the most part, but some of the facial animation as well as body movement is weird at times, I am looking at you Megatron! One of my few complaints I can mention here without spoiling anything, is that for being a transformers show, they don’t seem to transform that often. For example, I can think of two major characters with a ton of screen time that don’t ever transform.
The big thing about this series is that the voice acting and the dialog in general is a lot better than last time. However, deliveries are still off in places, and doesn’t match the scene. The voice cast is trying to emulate the G1 actors, and while Starscream is the closest we will ever get to Chris Latta, Prime and Megatron just sound weird. Personally, I think that it is a waste to hire impersonators to perform these characters while the original voice actors are still alive and actively working. I would personally recommend that in the future, they hire Peter Cullen and Frank Welker to voice Optimus Prime and Megatron if they are going for their G1 voices. On the bright side, there are some great stand outs among the voice cast, Red alert is a great character, and the voice actor nails the role.
I think this series was middle of the road, better than the Machinma series by a long mile, but not anywhere near Prime, Beast Wars, G1, or Animated. If you have Netflix, give it a watch, but its not worth subscribing to just for this.

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