New Studio Series Deluxe Walmart Listings: Kup, Blurr, And New Jazz!

Thanks to Allspark User Skycutter over on the Allspark Discord server, we now have some new Studio Series Deluxe listings! Hit the break to view the full list! Want to interact with more Transformers fans? Be sure to check out our forums or you can join our discord by clicking on this invite link: You can also follow us on Twitter via @AllsparkNews or join our Facebook group!

  • TRA GEN SS JOLT $18.84
    UPC 63050999110 Item 582921125
  • TRA GEN SS GNAW $18.84
    UPC 63050999107 Item 582921126
  • TRA GEN SS DINO $18.84
    UPC 63050998454 Item 582921128
  • TRA GEN SS DLX KUP $18.84
    UPC 63050997823 Item 582921129
  • TRA GEN SS JAZZ $18.84
    UPC 63050997833 Item 582921131
  • TRA GEN SS BLURR $18.84
    UPC 63050997828 Item 582921135
    UPC 63050998455 Item 582921203