New HD Footage Of DreamMix TV World Fighters Featuring G1 Optimus Prime

While this game was released way back in 2003 for the PlayStation 2 and GameCube, recently a small segment of an HD version of the game featuring G1 Optimus Prime was uploaded to YouTube! Read on for more details!

So back in the GameCube and PlayStation 2 era of the early 2000s. there was a Japanese exclusive game called DreamMix TV World fighters. It was basically a Smash Bros clone with characters from Hudson soft, Takara, and Konami. So you could have Optimus Prime fight Simon Belmont and Bomberman. Check out the wiki page here for more info.
Recently, the Gamecube version of the game was posted to Youtube with enhancements into HD and 16:9 ratio. Watch the video for it below to see Optimus Prime fight on the Devastator level:

A pretty interesting concept with a great list of characters, including G1 Megatron, so it is a pity that the game never came to North America or Europe. You can check out our screenshot gallery here:

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