New Flame Toys Transformers Revealed!

While a majority of their reveals this week are the high end figures, there have been numerous Flame Toys shown off, including a new one today in their video! Read on for more details!

Thanks to our Allspark forum member Powered Convoy for the heads up! We have several new reveals from Flame Toys!
Check out the awesome video below, and see if you can spot a certain bug!

Check out our gallery!

There are three different types of Transformer toys being shown above.
The high end Kuro Kara Kuri figures:
First preview of Starscream in silhouette!
Victory Leo combined for the first time!
The Fallen!
God Power Jet Armor Optimus / Jetfire!
The mid-tier Furai Action:
Optimus Primal!
Leo Prime/Convoy!
Furai Models:
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