Netflix War For Cybertron Wave 2 and Centurion Drone In Hand

Still excited about last week’s Fan First Friday reveals? Well, Takara Tomy has shared an image of the whole set of Walmart exclusives, giving us our best and for most of them first look at the physical toys. What’s more, they’ve also shared an image of the Centurion Drone, which is now slathered in shiny silver paint. Check them out!



Via their official twitter, Takara Tomy have announced that all these toys are coming to their market. Preorders for the Netflix toys are said to open at the end of this month, while preorders for Centurion Drone Weaponizer Pack will open some time later. How much later is unknown.
If you’re impatient, you can still preorder Centurion Drone Weaponizer Pack at Hasbro Pulse. Do note that Takara’s Centurion appears shinier than the one seen in Hasbro Pulse’s pictures. It’s unusual for Takara’s releases to be different these days, but whether they’re making a rare exception here or if the deco has been updated in all markets remains to be seen, so stay tuned.
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