Earth Wars Omega Supreme And Overlord Artwork Revealed! Plus Netflix Siege Skins And New Campaign Info!

While most of the artwork has broken Embargo for the past few days, we at the Allspark are happy to wait and bring you this awesome news! Read on for more details!

To celebrate the release of the new Transformers Netflix series, War for Cybertron Siege, Transformers: Earth Wars is releasing a new playable in-game campaign as well as Autobot Omega Supreme and Decepticon Overlord! The campaign, characters and Netflix series are all scheduled to release on July 30th.

The Campaign will take place during the events of the series and exodus from Cybertron. It will depict Omega Supreme’s Last Stand as he fights to give the Autobots time to evacuate. At the conclusion of the campaign, players will unlock the new characters Omega Supreme and Overlord.

Both of these characters are fan favorites and highly anticipated by Earth Wars players. In Transformers: Earth Wars, Omega Supreme and Overlord will be Combiner-sized Bots with the same functionality. Unlocking a Combiner has been no easy feat in the past, but now every player will get the chance to add a Combiner to their collection at the end of the campaign.
Check out more of their amazing artwork below!

Finally, Earth Wars will also be introducing character skins that allow players to change the look of their Bots to align with the style of the upcoming Netflix series. Check out the weathered and war-torn Optimus Prime below for a great example of how this will look!

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