Omega Supreme And Overlord Coming To Earth Wars!

Revealed on the official Transformers Earth Wars stream yesterday, Omega Supreme and Overlord will be coming to Transformers Earth Wars soon! Read on for more details!

Soon you can get these large bots which will play just like a combiner but will have a few differences! You still will have to spend Ore-13 to use it in battle as well as to put it in the combiner outpost. However to upgrade your Omega Supreme or Overlord, you will have to play events to get the required components. They eventually will be available in the store later on.
You get the bot by playing the new campaign that is coming out in two weeks. It starts as a two star and can be upgraded through getting required items from events. It can be upgraded as high as a five star! The Campaign to get these bots will be a flashback and will feature a set group of bots to play as, and they will be in their Cybertronian forms. Expect to see a lot of tie ins to the upcoming Netflix series, with a lot of these characters in the new campaign. A word of warning for all those procrastinating, you must have completed the previous campaigns to be able to play the upcoming one!
Enough talk! Lets take a look at those new bots!

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