New Videos And Images Of Earthrise “Sleep Mode’ Optimus Prime!

Coming to us from youtubers SwitTransform and PrimeVsPrime, we have our first look, first full review and a plethora of images showcasing the upcoming (not to mention intriguing) Transformers War for Cybertron: Earthrise Leader Class ‘Sleep Mode’ Optimus Prime!

This very leftfield redeco of the Earthrise Leader Class Optimus Prime figure is based on Optimus’s death scene from the 1986 animated Transformers The Movie.  Its darker, duller colours and new headsculpt representing the Autobot leaders damaged and lifeless body after his final battle with Megatron. This also marks only the second time such a deco has been used. The first being a Takara exclusive version of the original Masterpiece MP-01 Optimus Prime.
Check out both videos and our gallery of images below:
First, SwiftTransform’s silent showcase of the figure when compared to the regular Earthrise Optimus.

Then PrimeVsPrimes more in-depth review of the figure.

Interestingly, while both videos show Prime, his trailer and his new battle damaged headsculpt. SwiftTransform has his figure wielding a pair of what look like generic blasters, while PrimeVsPrime’s version comes with a silver redeco of Primes Ion Blaster.
Now, the images!

Thanks to Allspark user Nevermore for breaking the news.
So what do you think of Sleep Mode Prime? Will you be nabbing this u dead Optimus when he appears, or sre you happy with just the regular Earthrise Optimus? Whatever your opinions, join the discussion in our Generations – Earthrise thread on the Allspark forums right here. If you are s new visitor, please consider making an account right here. Or, if you’d prefer, jump right into the livechat on our Discord Server, Facebook group, or Twitter at @AllsparkNews.