New Transformers Revealed In Fan First Friday!

For those of you that missed it, Hasbro Pulse had its first Fan Friday event for Transformers! Read on for more details!

For those of you that missed the stream, check it out here!
Here is a rundown of all the reveals!

They showed off an Awesome Centurion remold with a ton of accessories! The accessories are what will probably be the appeal of this toy. They include tons of things like Optimus and Megatron’s energon weapons, Optimus Iconic Blaster and Roller! There is also Sideswipe’s jetpack, a miniature Soundwave, a handheld Megatron in gun mode wit optional silencer. Also, there is a little Reflector/Refractor, Bumblebee’s blaster, Ironhide’s drill gun, Cliffjumper’s gas gun, Trailbreakers radar dish, and a tiny Shockwave in blaster mode! Then there is the Ravage cage from the Sunbow cartoon series and some Energon cubes! Finally, there is a tiny Optimus Prime that is in scale with the upcoming Unicron toy! Pre-order is exclusive to Hasbro Pulse and will go live this afternoon!

Next up was the Redco of Earthrise Optimus Prime in his dead color scheme from the 1985 Transformers The Movie. It is called Alternate Universe Optimus Prime and will be an Amazon Exclusive. It will also go up for pre-order this afternoon.

Next up is two Generations Selects reveals! First up is Tigertrack! The yellow color scheme version of Sideswipe! The second is the Auotobot Rotorstorm! A repaint of Spinster, this guy is rocking the crazy color scheme of his 90s namesake! Again, these toys go up for pre-order this afternoon.

Walmart Exclusive G1 Reissue Blaster is shown next! You will have to put on your own G1 Decals. He won’t come with any of his tapes, but he will go up for pre-order this afternoon. You can also get a Pulse exclusive T-shirt of Blaster.

Finally, We are on to the Walmart exclusive R.E.D. toyline! It won’t just feature G1 characters, as it will have characters from Prime, Beast Wars, and Beyond! We also get our first look at Soundwave! He has his removable backpack and he even comes with a Laserbeak tape in his chest! While the Laserbeak tape is removable, sadly he doesn’t transform. Will go up for Pre-order this afternoon!
Like the dinosaur cassettes. There will be some more Asia exclusive rare Transformers revealed later this year.
Decepticon Clones are rolling out at Target now, and the Autobot clones might be coming out, but not a firm answer either way.
The Studio Series will continue with new characters being revealed this year.