New Generations Selects Revealed On Ebay!

Today we have the reveal of two new Generations Selects toys! Greasepit and Exhaust! Read on for pics!

Thanks to Allspark forum member Noideaforaname for giving us an heads up on two eBay auctions for Greasepit and Exhaust! Check out the images below!

While we knew that these characters were coming since they were leaked in a Toys R US Canada listing, its great to finally see these toys! Exhaust is based of the recent Earthrise Wheeljack figure, with a color scheme harkening back to the original Diaclone toy.  Exhaust, other than his color scheme, has a new head and a new Mercenary faction symbol!  Greasepit, is also a reuse of a another Earthrise deluxe figure. He is a repaint of the Earthrise Ironworks figure in the color scheme of the gas station Micromaster base that came with G1 Greasepit.
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