Hasbro Announces New Premium Line R.E.D. 6-Inch Figure Series With G1 Optimus Prime And Megatron

While they don’t transform, these R.E.D. figures are a far cry from Action masters! Read on for more details!

Thanks to IGN, we know that Hasbro is releasing this new line of non-transforming G1 figures! Check out the pics below!

Like Hasbro’s Black Series for Star Wars, R.E.D., standing for Robot Enhanced Design, will have highly detailed robot versions of our favorite characters. Each figure will come with several accessories. Megatron will come with his Fusion Cannon, four different hands including one that holds an Energon cube as well as one holding his iconic Energon Mace. Optimus Prime will come with his Iconic gear from the G1 show including blaster rifle, Energon Axe, as well as the Matrix of Leadership!
Both figures will be available for pre-order on June 26th for $19.99 and will be released on September 1st!
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