Great Scott! Hasbro Announces Back to the Future X Transformers Collaborative!

In a surprise twist,Hasbro has announced a new Transformers Collaborative project today, but it’s not the previously leaked Top Gun collaborative! Strap on your self-lacing Nike’s and get ready to hit 88 mph, because it appears a Transforming version of Doc Brown’s DeLorean is on the way!

Announced via the official Transformers facebook page, we don’t have pics of the actual toy as of yet, but it’s safe to assume a Transforming toy of the Back to the Future DeLorean will soon be able to join Ghostbusters Ectotron on our 80s nostalgia shelves!
With Hasbro promising a fan event this Friday with Transformers reveals, it likely won’t be long before we get a look at this exciting new entry in the Transformers Collaborative series!
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