Drunken Quarantine Karaoke Releases Cover Of The TFTM Classic, The Touch!

During a recent live stream for charity, a group of musicians, including members of Lords Of The Trident and Dire Peril, released an epic cover of the classic Transformers song.  Read on for the link!

Thanks to forum member Lisbon Virgo for posting this awesome cover!

On May 2nd, during our “Drunken Quarantine Karaoke” livestream for COVID-19 relief, Patreon backer John Hoban from Duluth, MN pledged $99.99 to hear Fang sing “The Touch” by Stan Bush. The song was listed at $10. Overwhelmed by his generosity, as well as the generosity of many others during the stream, we wanted to do something fun to surprise John. Jason Ashcraft and Fang worked in secret to put this track and video together, and we hope you enjoy it!

You can purchase this song and other music from the band on their website.
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