TCC and BotCon Announce “NEW” Comic Day!

BotCon and TCC have announced a “New” Comic Day! Hit the break to read the official press release for more information. Want to interact with more BotCon fans? BotCon has an Official Discord that you can join! You can also check out our BotCon thread on our forums!

NEW Comic Day! In a way…

It’s been awhile since we have all heard that. While we all look forward to the return of comics from our favorite publishers, today we are offering some AMAZING deals on comics that may be NEW to you! We have a great selection of Magazine and Comics from the Transformers Collectors’ Club and stories of BotCon past! We have grouped these issues together to give you a near complete look three different story lines: The Story of Nexus Prime, The Classicsverse, and the Wings Universe. Also available, a Transformers: Animated Spotlight and a Multiverse bundle.
Each listing contains anywhere from 5 to 32 Magazines/Comics. Prices range from $19.95-$39.95. You will never find a better deal on this much Transformers Club/Convention fiction! And the BONUS! Every Transformers related order placed today, May 6th will also include a FREE copy of the Transformers Animated Storybook “The Return of Blurr!” You won’t want to miss this Season 3.5 story!
Quantities are LIMITED! Most of these bundles contain issues that have very few remaining copies available, so act fast because once they are gone they are GONE!
Check out all of the bundles now at