Takara Tomy Masterpiece MP-39+ Spinout Official Art & Bio

Pre-orders for the new Takara Tomy Masterpiece MP-39+ Spinout have started via Takara Tomy Mall website, and they have uploaded a new official art image & extended bio! The art features Spinout dashing into battle holding his gun in robot mode and his beautiful red Lamborghini “Supercar” LP500S mode in front of him. You can view the mirrored images and read the full bio after the break! Want to interact with more Transformers fans? Be sure to check out our forums or you can join our discord by clicking on this invite link: https://discord.gg/ZnUQxya You can also follow us on Twitter via @AllsparkNews or join our Facebook group!

MP-39+ Autobot Rescue Assault Spinout
Role: Assault Rescuer
Motto: “Trivial details aren’t suitable for extended history.”
Profile: Spinout was originally an unconscious existence as a combat machine (Car Robot) in another dimension, but was given life by an ancient computer on Cybertron and became a cognizant lifeform. Although Spinout is passionate and zealous for his fellow Autobots, he shows strong loyalty and obedience to humans. He clearly remembers his previous life as a war machine dependent on humans and has internal anxiety about fighting without a pilot.
Spinout’s vehicle form, the Lamborghini Countach LP500S, is strongly reminiscent of his mysterious and paradoxical origin.
Extended Bio: [Private recordings of Delta Magnus]: Our rushed operation to secure the remote space facility of Diadem saved vast amounts of data recordings of ancient Cybertron, but it couldn’t have come at worse costs. The facility was severely damaged by the fierce battle between Decepticons and Quintessons, and much valuable information was lost. Fortunately, I was able to recover Cordon’s memory files, but he refused to reinstall them. So, that aside, ultimately what we got… was something so completely unexpected that shakes the very history of Cybertron! A bot by the name of Spinout was discovered in the depths of Diadem. He was found in a cryo-chamber and must have been resting for the past 10 million years. In simpler terms, we found an Autobot, that has an Earth alt mode from millions of years ago! What the hell is that?!? According to the data files of Anterior Zeta on Diadem, Spinout was originally nothing more than an unwitting machine from a different Earth dimension. Nothing more than some detritus cast into our spacetime continuum. Hmm. Diaclone… That is the name of the force that Spinout belonged to. Zeta, who analyzed the anomaly, seemed to have been fascinated by the battles between the Diaclone and their enemies, the Waruders. Was Zeta losing his mind by this time? Perhaps he was infected by some alien force? I can’t be certain… Anyway, Zeta took extreme measures to lead the Autobots to Dialcone’s missions in hopes of taking command. Upon discovering the true threat of the Waruders, he created a team of professionals whose highest priority was the extermination of the Waruders, and he programmed them to infiltrate a vast array of systems via a repair network. It’s hard to believe there was such meddling in our people’s ancestry, but there are already examples. I’m speaking of the Blue Bluestreak incident, in which Bluestreak had a run in with the Waruder Insectorobos. We must take extreme measures to halt their infiltration!
If the threat of an evil Waruder invasion was immediate I know that Spinout would fight on our side. But I think it should be done out of a sense of personal freedom; not one of controlled obedience.