Generations Selects Piranacon Gallery!

Gleefully destroying everything in his path in the Allspark studio today is Seacon combined form, Piranacon!  Will he spend his time creating colossal waves in your collection, or will his malcontent behavior get him banished by Megatron to the kiddie pool?  Tune in after the break to find out!

It felt like it took forever to finish the Seacons!  Now that they are fully unified, let’s enjoy some pictures of one of the nicest (if not most expensive) combiner teams to date!  If you have them all in hand by now, you know the team really works best with the 6th member flying solo due to the weight of the figures in weapon mode, but do not let that affect your enjoyment of this set.  The level of remolding, paint ops, and overall amazing sculpt make this a have to obtain set.

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