Generations Selects GS-TT07 Overbite Gallery and Review!

Menacing the Allspark Studio today is mechanical monster Overbite!  Will he prowl the depths of your shelves for his next victim, or will he conclude that “fish are friends, not food” and open a burger joint instead?  Tune in after the break to find out!

Sadly, I never even saw the Seacons during the original G1 run.  My first exposure to the designs was during the Beast Wars II toy series of the late 90’s.  Being a fan of both G1 and Beast Wars, I couldn’t help but be enamored with the figures, though my budget at the time only allowed for a late in the game grab of a set with no combiner parts off BBTS that I think was the result of a find in a flooded warehouse (more on that in another review).  I wanted to get a complete set, and never imagined that one day Hasbro would release them in the original toy colors, especially after I missed the Timelines Seacons set released by FunPub (I STILL need that set).

To my further surprise, TakaraTomy (and Hasbro) went all in on the Seacon love and gave us the currently being released Generations Selects set, remolded from several Terrorcon molds and the Moonracer mold.  In spite of many things being on lockdown due to COVID-19 at the moment, the Generations Select Seacons have finally made it to the United States and have begun to trickle out in groups of 2 through the mail.  Today we will look at Overbite, a remold of Power of the Primes Rippersnapper.

Before we really get started, let’s talk about colors.  One of the first things Western fans will note is that the colors on the Generations selects figures do not match the G1 toys exactly.  There is a good reason for that, and one I had totally forgotten until I was reminded by fellow Allspark staffer SOS.

You see, my only exposure to the G1 Seacons came as an adult, out of a wonderful discovery that, being a speaker of Spanish, I would get to enjoy all of the Japanese G1 shows in a dub language I understood.  It has been a long time since I watched Super God Masterforce en español, and I had forgotten about the colors used in the cartoon, which Takara has matched in the Generations Selects line.  So, there you have it, the reason for the colors not matching the toys.
Beast Mode
Sharks are cool.  They are silent, powerful, and graceful animals that do not deserve the overzealous treatment they sometimes receive.  That being said, there is one image of a shark that will haunt me forever…The Scooby-Doo Demon Shark:

That is what this mold reminds me of, and it both haunts 5 year-old me and fascinates 43 year-old me.  This anthropomorphic beast looks ready to kill on land and sea, and it would make for a very fun figure, if not for a few mold tolerance issues.  I am not sure if this is the case for everyone, but my Overbite’s tail end, comprised of the halves that form the lower legs of the robot mode, don’t stay securely connected as well as I would prefer.  Additionally, the shark head seems to pop off easily during transformations.  More on that later.

The lower legs of the beast mode have two points of articulation in the form of ball-jointed hips and swivels at the ankles.  This provides for a stable, if not overly dynamic posing ability.  The forearms have ball joints at the shoulders and elbows, as well as swivels at the wrists.  Add onto that a fierce set of serrated teeth on a mouth with a wide opening lower jaw, and you have a beast that could do some serious damage, feeding himself on the bodies of his victims, shoveling their parts into his menacing maw.

Despite the mold tolerance issues, I think this is a great looking beast mode.  If yours hold together slightly better than mine, you will love Overbite in beast mode as well.

Robot Mode
Overbite is a remold of Rippersnapper, but only slightly.  He has new beast legs, a beast head, and a new robot head.  It is pretty amazing how different this figure looks in both beast and robot modes in comparison to Rippersnapper.  No one would confuse either for the other on Cybertron, but they do look like they might be cousins.  Differing color schemes are wonderful things.

Articulation from this mode:

  • Knee swivels
  • Thigh swivels
  • Ball-jointed hips
  • Waist swivel
  • Ball-jointed shoulders
  • Ball-jointed elbows
  • Wrist swivels
  • Ball-jointed head

Overbite has the same level of articulation in robot mode that one would expect from Rippersnapper.  He poses well, balances well, and benefits from added stabilization in some modes due to the beast mode feet hanging low to the back end of the robot feet.  The looseness in the lower robot leg halves is also reduced, perhaps due to added friction from the shark tail halves pushing against both parts.  The neck articulation, while limited as usual under the current design team, is better than normal.

The robot mode definitely makes up for the issues in the beast mode.  I will likely leave Overbite as a robot on my shelves, as he throws off Piranacon’s balance as a weapon, and beast mode is just a little to loose for my liking.  He will be lower ground support for the rest of the team while they are in combined mode.

Arm/Leg Mode
Overbite makes a solid leg and arm.  There is really only one issue I have with him during transition to these modes.  The beast mode head has a tendency to disconnect.  The joint in the middle of the back component that allows the head/back piece to bend in order to connect to the back of the torso pops apart with just a little pressure.

Sadly, it pops off too easily, to the point of annoyance.  This affects my enjoyment of the figure considerably, but since Overbite is not meant to be a leg or arm in the official configuration, it is probably a moot point until I get God Neptune…

Weapon Mode
To form weapon mode, get Overbite in beast mode, but leave the beast head in the same configuration as robot mode.  Rotate the arms around at the elbows and bend them at a 45º angle, rotate the wrists 90º, and rotate the heels of the beast feet to the back of the beast hips.  Place his gun in the port for the combiner hand and rotate the combiner port to the center of the robot chest.

Overbite makes one of the better “weapon” modes, mostly due to being the most compact.  However, he weighs too much to allow for a wide array of poses.  As such, Piranacon will only use the combined sword and Turtler’s rifle on my shelf.  Maybe you will have better luck posing yours.

Overall Thoughts
I give Overbite 7,000/10,000 gallons of seawater!  He has a creepily monstrous beast mode, but the mold tolerances drop his scores here.  Robot mode is phenomenal, and his other modes are adequate, but a beast mode head that pops off frequently during transformation, paired with a weapon mode that is too heavy to pose while connected to Piranacon’s hands, drop his scores again.  Of course, you need him to complete the team, but you do not need him to complete the combiner.  I think Overbite works best as a single character in robot mode, providing support to the Seacons in that fashion.
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