MPM-10 is Starscream!

Allspark institution and friendly neighborhood Skywarp enthusiast Powered Convoy dropped by today with a hot update on some Movie Masterpiece news. The promised MPM-10 reveal is up, and…

This neat little look on shows us what the next Movie Masterpiece is going to look like. The 2007 movie deco makes its Masterpiece debut anew — on an all-new mold, at that! This round, the bells and whistles include articulated fingers and Starscream’s multi-missile launcher and sawblade weapons.

This video gives us an even closer look at the new Masterpiece!

Looks like Movie Megatron is no longer alone in the MPM department. How do you feel about this latest reveal? Tell us on the Allspark Facebook page, on the Allspark Forums, or on our Discord server