WFC Earthrise E-11 Leader Optimus Prime Gallery and Review

Rolling his way IN to the Allspark Studio today is none other than the biggest BigBot himself, Earthrise Optimus Prime!  Will he fight unceasingly to defeat the Decepticons on your shelf or split into three autonomous modules and sign up for a 3 on 3 basketball match?  Tune in after the break to find out!

This is Optimus Prime.  This is THE Optimus Prime you have been waiting for at a sub Masterpiece price.  I am going to skip the usual pleasantries and get right into the meat of this figure because there is a lot to cover and I am already behind posting this review.  😀

Truck Mode
The truck mode is everything you would expect out of Optimus.  It hits all the stops with semi-clear/cartoon shaded simulation windows, tons of “tech” detail, nicely sharp paint ops, and a solid peg connector that attaches snugly to the trailer.

All the detachable parts, including Prime’s blaster, attach in this mode, so nothing gets left to the side.

There are only two minor nitpicks on this mode:

  • The trailer doesn’t really rotate at all, so turns are stiff (if that matters to you, or your kids)
  • The front wheels lack the shiny silver paint found on the back wheels of the truck and trailer.

Beyond that, this is the kind of Optimus Prime you want to have an extra for just because the full setup, including the trailer, look great for display.
Base/Headquarters/Repair Bay Mode
I love how MOST of the playability from the G1 Prime toy is carried over into this mode.  The trailer splits apart, revealing a repair bay with a “medical mech” capable of fixing Optimus after he’s been damaged in battle.

The trailer door is compatible with the base connector system we are familiar with, so Prime’s trailer can be attached to any of the bases in that ecosystem.  Stood up on its end, this trailer makes a great protective hanger, and an impressive display in front of which you can pose Prime.

Where is Roller?!?
The biggest omission from a set with tons of features both old and new is Roller.  While there are already several add-ons being advertised already to bring “the little drone that could” back to your Optimus’ side, it seems like a huge misstep to leave him out.  Perhaps we will get a slightly upgraded Roller in a future solo offering?  Time will tell.

Robot Mode
Transforming this Optimus into robot mode will give you an appreciation for just how much engineering went into his creation.  The sheer number of moving parts is greater than anything I can remember recently for a regular retail line.  Getting a super poseable, G1 Prime with very little kibble is a feat, and this mold tops the Siege Prime for best mass retail Optimus Prime yet.

Not a single piece of articulation is left out, including a fully functional neck joint (I will always harp on that when it’s not) and fingers!  Prime can actually open his hands, much like Siege Jetfire had opening fists.  Prime’s hands just have no need to add a gun holder.

Earthrise Optimus comes loaded for battle!  His gun can fold up and attach to his back.  Add Jetfire’s blast effects for a jetpack mode!  The trailer door has a piece that slides out to form a shield.  Prime’s “medical drone” can also be detached from the trailer and added to Optimus’ back for added battle support!  These added features really drive home the value.

All of the details on Earthrise Optimus Prime perfectly embody the character, minus the waist/hips, which looks more on model in the Siege mold.  Beyond that one section of the robot, Earthrise really does its best to give fans the ultimate sub $100 Optimus Prime.

What is up with the legs?
At Toyfair, former staff member D Buster Prime noted that the lower legs on Siege Prime and Earthrise Prime share a lot of the same engineering.  Specifically, he spied the “vestigial trailer port” on EA Optimus.

This seemed strange that such a drastic remold would hold on to an unneeded moving part.  He asked the design team about it.  If you want to satisfy your curiosity, make sure to listen to our Toyfair interview with Ben Montano and John Warden, here!

Overall Thoughts
Earthrise Optimus Prime is packed with features, possibility and nostalgia.  He is not 100% perfect, but taking everything he has going on for him, I would give him a 99/100 Energon cubes for fun and affordability.  You will not get a better Prime at this price.  Find him at your local retailer now and put him in charge of your Autobots!

What are you waiting for?!?  Roll out!